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  • Advisory on Smart City Readiness Assessment for Government, Private Sector and Academia.

  • Advisory on Smart City value chain and planning businesses moving up the value chain in Smart City market advancement.

  • Smart City Advisory on Data Management and IOC Operationalisation Services for Smart City drivers.

  • Smart City value chain and ecosystem development.

  • Advisory on IOC Business Model development for sustainable Smart City Integrated Operation Centres (IOC).

  • Smart City Advisory to Smart and Low Carbon Cities Program implementation by Program Drivers, in partnership with Local Governments through local level Joint Delivery Office. 

  • Smart City Expert for Malaysian Urban Observatory Project in collaboration with private sector partner including the National Smart City Dashboard.

  • Smart City Expert for State and Local Level Smart City Blueprints/Action Plans.

  • Review of Smart City initiative for township developers through systemized review of progress to date, impact and way forward.

  • Consultant on Sustainable Development Masterplan for State Government adopting holistic and integrated approach of bridging Social, Economy, Environment, Innovation and Governance with funding types provisions.

  • Advisory and Consultancy on the Smart City strategies, planning and implementation, as well as Smart City Program initiation.




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