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The growth of cities is highly dependant on the innovative environment it induces. Such environment stimulates critical interactions involving multiple stakeholders  on multiple city contents, from the supply perspective to the demand driven.


The demand stakeholders primarily involve brownfield cities, townships and governments. With their technology and funding capacities, the supply stakeholders in turn, are in a strategic position to accelerate the delivery of city needs and action plans in partnership with city governments.

Often there are gaps between  these two opposite perspectives and group of stakeholders which influence the progress on urbanisation and climate change mitigations in cities.


Based on its strategic and unique capabilities to comprehend these two perspectives  between the supply and demand aspects in cities, CITYNEXUS plays a unique role in bridging these two group of stakeholders. It stimulates more collaborative and innovative private-public partnerships through strategic advisory, development of Smart and Sustainable City blueprint and  trust-based programs and projects.


As challenges in cities are ever growing, CITYNEXUS also continuously scouts for strategic technologies to address city issues, which often resides with our SMEs and Start-ups. To bring impact to cities, it is also equally important to develop the capacities of these SMEs in scaling up their tech centric solutions. Most of this effort is done through value creation by providing industry ecosystem support and attracting strategic investments through fund raising exercises including public listing.

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