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In accelerating urbanisation and climate change in cities, there are several key success factors that need to be addressed in a concerted manner namely the connectivity involving technologies, market and funding. Other important aspect is the inclusive involvement of city stakeholders to collaborate including government, private sector, academia, NGOs and communities. It has been CITYNEXUS believe that connecting these dots in success factors and involvement of related city communities, will open up greater opportunities for success in making cities  smarter and greener.

For cities to be sustainable, it must continuously innovate itself to the ever challenging urbanization and climate change issues. Cities therefore need a neutral and conducive platform for engagements. In realizing this effort, CITYNEXUS has embarked to establish content driven CITY INNOVATION HUBS in cities involving partnership between private sector and city governments.

As a neutral platform for generating collaboration between city communities and city authorities, this hub will be the main catalyst for city growth. It is equipped with co-working spaces for start-ups, discussion, workshops, seminars and training, supported by high impact contents and annual programs, as well as systemised innovation competitions.


It will be the future focal point for most city-level implementation activities.

Cities need a neutral and conducive platform for developmental engagements

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