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In future proofing industries and economies, both companies and countries respectively need to go beyond the current into the future. In doing so, there is a need to build capability to analyse and visualise future distruptive technologies and trends in business innovations coming up on the horizon.


This effort can carried out in a systemised manner through a robust methodology facilitated by CITYNEXUS, for companies and governments to scan global technologies under development as well as types of business innovation that has taken place and its rate of evolution.

Based on this visibility, companies and countries are able to make informed and forward looking strategic decisions in their corporate and country level development roadmaps.

Through this exercise, companies and governments are able to identify ‘White Spaces’ which are still underdeveloped by others, as opportunities for future positioning in the marketplace  as part of companies strategic planning as well as for governments future socio-economic and sustainable development planning.

Future Proofing Companies and Industries 

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