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In high income economy, the level of competitiveness is normally reflected in the scale of its industries and level of productivity. Technology and Business Innovations in this instance, play pivotal role in driving high economic performance through a cohesive and resilient industrial ecosystem.


Home grown technologies and solutions provides high local value add to the economy. It is therefore extremely crucial to CITYNEXUS to continuously scout, identify and scale-up these innovations into strategic industries in bring value to the economy.

Funds are equally important to grow these companies. In raising funds to support this effort, there are currently multiple international platforms with forward looking investors that are ready to invest in early stage companies with future prospect. In this regard, CITYNEXUS, collaborates with partners in developing value creation business roadmap for these game changing companies to attract investments.


For sustainability, these platform companies are supported through industry development cluster approach with a support ecosystem and impactful enablers.

.........through Platform Technologies

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