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Innovation Catalyst


With Bachelor of Economics, Majoring in Knowledge Economy background, Azreena is grounded in technology and its application, and in a tenacious spirit to challenge the status quo. 


One of her major involvement was the Malaysian Government’s Transformation Program (GTP) which then, extended to the tailoring solutions for Sabah and Sarawak in determining pain points issues on the ground and identifying room for improvements and proposing initiatives. She facilitated 3 labs in National Key Result Area (NKRA); Native Customary Land Rights / Legal Matters, Native Courts and Penan Issues.


In similar experience, Azreena again engaged in National Key Economic Area (NKEA) under Wholesale and Retail Industry lab and facilitated the think tank to discuss on potential annual income leap from US$7,000 (RM23,100) per capita to US$15,000 (RM49,500) in 10 years. Her experience spans from analyzing initiative in KRA and discussed the budget needed for each proposed solutions to facilitate discussion on potential risk and mitigation in each recommendation.


Her next opportunity arrived for her to be seconded to Tanzania to work on the Big Fast Results spearheaded by then Malaysia’s PEMANDU through facilitating lab (Access to Land and Security of Tenure). The outcome was to detail out on action plans which were defined with targets, key milestones, specific steps to deliver results and clear accountability to meet the targets and trajectories for each priority area supported by a baseline and relevant benchmarks.


Her 12 years international network and business architecture experience helps her as the strategic business and technology advisor to governments and companies. She helps organisations improve their business performance, use data more intelligently, and understand the implications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


She continues in propagating disruptive innovation, innovation culture, and business model innovation, to governments and companies through hackathon, open innovation, sandbox regulatory which includes incubation. Her perspective on innovation is informed by much more than just high tech.


She also acts as Country Affiliate to Angel Investment Network, the world’s largest online network providing visibility and insights on global angel investors and entrepreneurs landscape.

Acknowledging the huge gap in addressing technology change and enablement in society, there are increasing need for innovation and breaking down cultural barriers that impede the adoption for an enterprise and country to progress forward. Hence, she resorted to create the Tech Tarik Movement, a physical and digital discourse for the local to understand and comprehend the application of technologies.


TechTarik is Malaysia’s 1st local community advocating Industry 4.0 solutions in local flavours. Through this impactful platform, she was selected as the ‘Top 100 Most Inspirational Linkedin Icons in Malaysia You Should Follow in 2019’.

She is currently leading hardware incubation program with CREST headquartered in Johor.




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