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12th MALAYSIA PLAN SERIES : Series 1 – Malaysia Navigating Into High Income. Are We Mentally Ready ?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019


1. In the span of 15 years from Year 2000 to 2015, Malaysia has doubled its emissions level with Economic Growth.

2. In the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020), Green Growth Strategy was introduced in the effort to decouple economic with emission levels.

3. Malaysia is a three tier government which require greater effort for synergy and alignment to address urbanisation and climate change at the local level.

4. As Malaysia navigates from low to high Middle Income, key public services is driven with centralised authority at the Federal Government.

5. Approaching 2020, the Federal Government is facing budget limitations.

6. Approaching 2020, both the State and Local Governments continue to face financial resource limitations to address and accelerate urbanisation and climate mitigations at the local levels.


1. How to realise and implement Green Growth ?

2. What are the issues with our implementation capacity ?

3. To progress as a high income nation in the era of climate issues, how ready are the governance structures of Federal, State & Local levels?

4. How to progress and press forward with budget limitations ?


1. Accelerate increase in local value add/contents.

2. Adopt Malaysian where possible or if need be, match-make local with foreign capability (not vice versa).

3. Review and update current Public Services Acts as some of these ‘Middle Income’ acts are not condusive to support ‘High Income’ agenda and more critically, not ready in addressing our key challenges on urbanisation and climate change at the local levels.

4. Capitalise private sector resource capability in technology and access to funding.

5. Empower Local Government partnership with Private Sector.

6. Increase credit worthiness capacity of Local Governments.


1. Need to unlock colonised mindset that ‘foreign is always the best’.

2. Need for review and update of related non-condusive Public Services Acts for local level empowerment.

3. Malaysia approaching Post-2020 : Urgent need for High Level Inspiring and Visionary Statements from the Leadership, say for next 10 to 20 years.

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